20 Best Franchise Businesses to Own in Texas 2023

In the present society, franchising has become one of the most practical and sensible business opportunities to pursue because it leads to high profitability. There are various factors that convince people to try out franchising, particularly when it comes to the best franchise to own in Texas.

Even though it is not as renowned as the big cities, Texas is considered one of the best business areas for aspiring entrepreneurs. Even if you do not have a background in business, there are multiple franchise business opportunities in Texas.

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Once you are confident about your choice, franchising can be a safe road to take for becoming a business owner. The good thing about franchising is that the return on investment can be counted on despite the lack of risk-taking.

If you are in Texas and have always wanted to become a business owner then exploring the best franchise to own in Texas can be your best bet. In this blog, we will find out the best franchises to own in Texas and all that you need to know about franchising.

20 Best Franchise Businesses to Own in Texas 2023

1. Insurance Franchise

One of the best franchises to own is an insurance franchise in Texas. You must know already that more and more people have become conscious of securing all that is dear to them which is leading them to buy insurance for everything.

Since the demand for insurance products has increased, there is also an increased need for honest and functional insurance agencies. Starting your own insurance business from the very beginning can be more of a hassle. Instead, you can start franchising by collaborating with a company that has already established itself in this industry.

You can own an insurance franchise business and start helping people by insuring all that is valuable to them & you’ll know about the emerging trends in the insurance industry. In addition to doing well for yourself, you will also be helping people lead a better and more secure life. This sector has vast growth potential so, with hard work and dedication, you can make a name for yourself quickly.

2. Fitness Franchise

The ultimate goal of improving physical fitness and mental health makes fitness franchise businesses one of the best franchises to own. People are becoming conscious of their bodies and the need to be fit so you can start providing services that help them do this.

As one of the best low-cost business ideas with high profits in Texas, fitness franchises focus on improving the lives of others and leaving a lasting positive influence. In addition, it is also a cost-effective franchise business because owning a gym or a yoga studio is not so difficult.

If you think this is a promising option then you must go ahead and find a parent brand that is already famous for offering fitness services to people. Look for a brand that continues to earn well because the competitive revenues this brand earns will prove good for you.

3. Capital Providing Franchise

If you wish to open a cost-effective franchise, you can consider opening a franchise that provides capital to small and medium-sized businesses. This can be the best franchise to own in Texas.

In this business, your job will be to provide funding and loans to help small businesses start their business. In addition, you will also be training small business owners on how to handle their finances while caring for methods that lead to monetary growth.

If you choose this business then you can earn commissions and rewards for dealing with the customers every month. The more deals you are able to close, the higher you will be able to earn. This is a good business model because you are also contributing to the growth of many small businesses.

4. Food Franchise

The most classic option of them all when it comes to the best franchise to own in Texas, running a food franchise is a favorite of many people. On the basis of your preference, research, and priorities, you can choose to run a franchise business that pays maximum rewards.

If you are keen to choose this option then you can probably consider going for a restaurant business that is selling something new in the market. Investing in a franchise business like a food franchise business will offer you one of a kind experience for you and your customers if the business you choose offers premium products and customer service.

5. Cleaning Services Franchise

 You can also consider venturing into a cleaning services franchise business for both residential and commercial properties. This is an easy, effective & best franchise to own.

Ideally, you will get computer systems, office supplies, uniforms, cameras, uniforms, etc. when you choose to invest in a cleaning service franchise business agency. Before you begin running a cleaning service franchise, you will get physical and virtual training so that you can learn various aspects of damage control and cleaning.

There is no doubt in the fact that it is one of the best franchises to own in Texas. All spaces need regular cleaning and seeking professional support makes cleaning extremely simple. If you keep delivering high-quality services then you will continue getting work on a regular basis.

6. Pet Care Products Franchise

Pet care products and grooming services help customers take care of their pets easily. There are many brands that work in this industry. If you like animals then this can be the best franchise to own for you. Your brand can also host adoption events for assisting animals in finding a new home.

Companies that work in this industry also offer training and continuous support while helping in marketing, merchandising, and even advertising. New business owners can get the groove of franchising this business quickly.

7. Interior Designing Franchise

Yet another one of the best franchises to own in Texas, this is a business idea that enables franchise owners to offer interior designing services. In case you are passionate about interiors and like pleasant aesthetics then this can be the best franchise to own for you.

Franchising in this industry can seriously be a great option because if you’re starting a franchise business in USA  from the beginning then it can be difficult to establish yourself. While working in this industry, you can take up residential and commercial projects as well.

8. Automotive Repair and Maintenance Franchise

If you find yourself interested in auto repair services, starting a repair and maintenance agency can be one of the best franchises to own in Texas. You will see many brands that are the undisputed leaders when it comes to offering auto repair and maintenance services.

This option falls in the category of being the best franchise to own in Texas because it enables you to offer services that are extremely relevant in the market. You can hire a great team and become a business leader in your own community while dealing in this industry.

9. Healthcare For Elderly Franchise

The United States is full of the baby boomer population with a good share of people seeking healthcare services. Hence, there is a need for professionals who can help the elderly lead a good and healthy life.

Starting a healthcare service for the elderly franchise can be one of the best franchise businesses in Texas without a doubt. Once you get into this field, you will realize that there are genuinely many old people in Texas who need this care.

10. Home Tutoring Franchise

There are many children for a tutor to understand various concepts in detail. Plus, many children are also being homeschooled. To make sure that their children understand their academic concepts well, parents hire home tutors for all subjects.

In case you are interested in making a difference in the field of education then you can consider a home tutoring franchise as the best franchise to own for you. You will be hiring tutors who are ready to deliver lessons and you will also be looking for customers who need these tutors.

This is one of the best franchise businesses in Texas because the demand for home tutors is immense. So many parents need teachers as they are working from day to night and do not have any time to spare for ensuring that their kids understand their studies well.

11. Recycling Business Franchise

People are becoming more environmentally conscious than ever before, which is one of the reasons why new business opportunities in the world of recycling are becoming available. It can be the best franchise to own in Texas.

If you want to increase your income, you should consider purchasing a franchise business, but you also have to take care of the insurance franchise cost. A franchise includes pre-existing brand recognition, turnkey marketing and systems, proprietary technology, and mentor support.

The recycling business is one of the best franchise businesses in Texas which can provide you with the opportunity to earn extra money while also helping the environment.

The public’s desire for recycling solutions has never been greater, but this market remains largely untapped. Many people are beginning to recognize the importance of making positive choices that help to protect our environment and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Every year, approximately 17 billion pounds of textiles end up in landfills in the United States. Textile waste accounts for 5% of all landfill space, but 85 percent of this waste is avoidable with a properly implemented recycling program.

There is still a lot of untapped potential in Texas for you to join this expanding industry.

12. Home Service Franchise

The home services industry includes a wide variety of service types. Many of these services are directly related to construction and home maintenance and repair, whereas others are more care-based. In recent years, the home services industry has seen significant growth.

Home services alone are a $506 billion-dollar industry in the United States, employing over 5 million people. Indeed, the home service industry contributes significantly to the national economy and has only grown in recent decades, with service providers completing over 5 million jobs each year.

The home services industry provides both new and experienced business owners with unique and exciting opportunities & it is one of the best franchises to own in Texas. There are numerous compelling reasons to launch your own service-based business, given the industry’s high demand and rapid growth.

At the same time, starting a home services business from scratch can be extremely difficult. Many hidden dangers and pitfalls can quickly derail a struggling start-up. This is why many business owners believe that purchasing a service-based franchise business is one of the best franchise businesses in Texas. A good home services franchise can help you avoid costly mistakes or wasting time reinventing the wheel.

13. Supermarket Franchise

A supermarket is a self-service store that sells a wide variety of food, beverages, and household products that are arranged into sections and shelves. The average supermarket is larger and more diverse than most grocery stores.

Supermarkets tend to prioritize convenience because they stock a wide range of products under one roof. As a result, the supermarket industry is extremely capital-intensive & considered among the best franchise businesses in Texas. To break into this industry after spending so much money to establish the business, you would need to obtain the franchise of a successful supermarket company to propel your business forward.

To ensure that their Retail Partners can fully leverage the benefits of scale that being part of a large national brand provides, franchising includes a full support organization.

Your franchise investment ensures that you will have the necessary equipment, inventory, and marketing campaigns to secure sales from the first day you work with them. This head start is one of the many reasons why the Supermarket franchise is one of the most stable investment opportunities.

14. Beauty & Health Wellness Franchise

Do you want to make the world a better and more beautiful place?

If yes, Beauty and Wellness franchise is one of the best franchise businesses in Texas.

Beauty franchises, as well as other health-related businesses, are expected to thrive in 2022. Investing in beauty and wellness franchise may be the best franchise opportunity for you. Beauty, spa, and health franchises are great for multi-unit ownership and putting your executive management skills to use.

Market leaders maintain their dominant positions by introducing new services and improving their marketing strategies. Beauty & Spa is a fantastic way for Americans to relax, enjoy and stay healthy. Millions of citizens use beauty and spa services each year, making the industry profitable & one of the best businesses in Texas.

There are numerous beauty and health wellness franchises and software such as Wellyx software in the country that is looking for new franchisees to help them expand both nationally and internationally. In exchange, franchisors provide their partners with a unique concept, training programs, low entry costs, professional development, and a good income. Furthermore, the majority of beauty and salon franchisees benefit from a recurring revenue business model.

15. Printing & Packing Franchise

Printing & Packing franchises are widely known to be the most lucrative company possibilities and are the ones that don’t require a lot of attention or excitement to get started. Although the printing, packaging, and shipping industries aren’t exactly known for their glamour, it is one of the best franchise businesses in Texas, they do see consistent demand and have a strong track record of success.

Printing franchises cater to small and medium-sized enterprises that don’t have the printing, copying, or production capabilities of larger organizations and are therefore in need of printing, copying, or production services. In addition to this, the movement of commodities in a secure and timely manner is essential in the modern global economy.

Franchises that work in the areas of printing, packaging, and shipping make it possible for consumers and businesses to ship and package their goods with the assurance that they will arrive undamaged and on schedule. By utilizing a strategy based on franchising, constructing a company in this sector will be simplified, as you will have access to preexisting resources and a well-known brand name to build upon.

16. Travel Franchise

Worldwide, travel is an ever-present activity. Consequently, all travel-related industries will always be in demand. In recent years, travel franchises have been severely impacted by lockdowns induced by the pandemic. In 2022, however, the industry has begun to recover & it is definitely one of the best franchise businesses in Texas. Speaking of the top Travel Franchises in the United States, the most successful brands from prior years are still in business, demonstrating the stability of their operations.

From air flight services to cruise planning, travel agency franchisees encompass numerous enterprises. The franchises offer a variety of opportunities, including domestic and international travel, and can be run from an office with hundreds of employees or from home with a small staff.

As a franchisee of a travel business, you can assist individuals in planning their ideal trips. This is a fantastic chance for someone who enjoys both travel and working closely with others. In this business, strong communication skills are essential. Although tourists can book many hotels online, the travel agency industry remains robust.

17. Photography & Videography Franchise

Because of the rapid advancement of technology, getting started in the fields of photography and video production is currently easier than it has ever been. Nowadays, decent camera equipment is within reach for the majority of people, and one need not make a significant financial commitment to acquire it. A photography or videography franchise is an excellent way to get involved in a sector that you are passionate about while also developing a successful business for yourself.

In the field of photography and videography, there are a lot of interesting franchise prospects that make it one of the best franchise businesses in Texas. These prospects range from enterprises centered on technology, such as digital monitoring, to highly personalized services, such as painting courses, and recreational franchises, such as video game outlets. One thing unites all of these possibilities, however: the potential for financial success.

Other types of businesses that fall under this category include digital video franchises, DVD rental franchises, photographic franchises, and franchises that are specifically dedicated to weddings. To own a franchise that falls into this category, prior work experience in the business is often not required.

18. Jewelry Franchise

Starting a new business is one of the most difficult things a person has to do or decide.

Jewelry is an item that has never been out of style; in fact, demand and sales have always increased during difficult economic times.

Everyone prefers and chooses jewellery as a gift for functions, weddings, festivals, etc. In reality, women store jewellery as an asset and a token of a gift from their loved ones, and they covet even more of them.

Thus, beginning a jewellery business is profitable for every entrepreneur, and the concept of having a franchise of a well-known jewellery brand is much more lucrative.

Thus, we can conclude that the Jewelry franchise is once again one of the top franchise opportunities in Texas.

19. International Franchise

International franchising refers to the extension of a domestic business into overseas nations and markets. International franchising is emerging franchise to own in texas that needs careful evaluation of numerous elements, including viability, adaptability, and advantages vs dangers.

Owning international franchises in Texas can provide the opportunity to capitalise on growing global markets, but the franchisee must overcome the challenges of adapting to the ways of a new country.

20. Food and Beverages Franchise

People in the country usually go for brands, tastes, and good quality. If you want to own the best franchise in Texas, you should start a Food and Beverage Franchise because you can easily win the hearts of people who want to eat good food.

The food and drink franchise business in the country is always growing. It serves a lot of people a lot of food every day and makes a lot of money.

Anyone can take advantage of food franchise opportunities. Whether you invest in a large company or a small Food franchise business, you will be a part of the country’s food industry.

Your business will make a lot of progress and give you good returns as time goes on. In any case, you can use the power of franchising to grow your business and get more people interested in your food store.


All the options that are mentioned above are excellent avenues to becoming a franchise owner. On the basis of what you want from your business and the industry that you are comfortable in, you can choose your favorite option.

Regardless of the option that you finally choose, keep in mind that franchising is hands down a great business option, and with consistent hard work, you will definitely become successful.

Choose one of the best franchise businesses in Texas which will suit your needs and wishes here!

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