How to Become a Franchise Owner – 12 Steps to Follow in 2022

All of us would agree that there is a certain appeal to being a business owner. However, it can be a daunting task to open a business from scratch when you have no name or recognition. On the other hand, there is another way as well. By investing in a franchise business, you can reap the benefits similar to owning an independent business.

When you understand how to become a franchise owner, you can earn instant recognition and support from not just the corporate entity but fellow franchise owners as well. Another benefit of opening a new franchise business is that you do not have to start from scratch.

Your primary job as a franchise owner is to just duplicate opening an agency while generating a greater profit for yourself. You will be required to complete an evaluation process for running a franchise operation but once everything is good to go, the path ahead will be seamless.

If you have been planning to run a business then knowing how to become a franchise owner can be of great help.

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Below mentioned are some steps that can be helpful to gain clarity on the topic of becoming a franchise owner.

12 Simple Steps to Become a Franchise Owner in 2022

1. Choosing a Suitable Franchise

The first and most important thing to decide is what kind of franchise business you are interested in. There are many industries in which you can open a franchise. While some people like to open a food outlet franchise, some others are also interested in opening an insurance franchise.

When it comes to choosing the kind of franchise that you wish to go ahead with, it comes down to personal preferences and returns. Like if you choose a retail franchise, it may require a medium level of financial commitment and so it can be a risky venture.

Take your time and decide the kind of franchise you wish to open. Once you are clear about this, implementing the steps of how to become a franchise owner will also fall into place. It is recommended that you choose a field where you have some kind of experience as this is a qualifier that the parent company will use while evaluating the application.

2. Research Available Opportunities

Once you are clear about what kind of franchise you want to open, look for options in your industry on a franchise search website. For example: if you’re thinking about investing in an insurance franchise, get knowledge about the emerging trends in the insurance industry. You can see the terms, conditions, and requirements for all franchise opportunities that you find yourself interested in.

Also, make sure that you find out how much initial investment is needed to qualify along with the credit requirements. Once you are confident about going ahead with one option, you can also check the background of the franchisor to find out more about its reputation.

In addition, you can also look up the business on the internet to get much more clarity. If you find yourself extremely interested in a business then go ahead and talk to the concerned authorities from the parent company so that you can materialize your aspirations of running a franchise.

3. Connect With the Owner

After the franchise has been finalized, you can connect with the owner of the company to make everything ahead. It is always best to meet the owner of the company in person so that you can take things forward suitably.

After everything goes ahead in the right direction, you will get the application automatically but in others, you just have to include the number of funds you have for investing to receive the application.

Note the specific area where you wish to establish and run your business. The franchisor will likely send detailed information about the opportunity and application as well.

4. Investigate Current Owners and Potential Opponents

You should now have at least one or two top franchise options. It is time to investigate more. The franchiser’s FDD contains a list of all current franchisees inside its system. How many franchise owners are currently active? What are their annual earnings and revenue?

Locate those that are nearby and pay them a visit. Are they happy with the franchisor’s assistance? Is the actual state of the firm (financially and otherwise) in line with past expectations? There is no greater instructor than someone who is currently a franchise owner. Which rivals will you face? Consider competition both online and in-person.

Suppose, for instance, you wish to franchise an insurance company. In this instance, you must determine how you will differentiate yourself from internet providers and local accounting firms.

5. Location

While understanding and implementing the steps involved in how to become a franchise owner, one of the most important aspects is the location of the business. Make sure that you do your research well to see the level of traffic, competition, and what can be done in the future with regard to the location your franchise business will be in.

Look for the location where you wish to open the franchise to determine if there is a genuine demand for the kind of business you are interested in. The franchises commonly look for an area before offering an opportunity there but it is always helpful to do your own research as well.

Take your time and also examine the demographic data for the location using a service. Another good way to go about this is by conducting surveys in the community to leverage interest in products and services.

6. Form an LLC or Corporation

The next step is to establish your business entity. The type of business you establish may depend on the franchisor with whom you partner. Some franchisors may demand an LLC or corporation.

The formation of a franchise as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) has numerous legal, tax, and business benefits.

An LLC shields your personal assets from responsibility, whereas a corporation is a tax framework.

You are forming a corporation, thus it will be your company that purchases the franchise, not you. Legally speaking, you are separating your personal assets from your business’s responsibilities.

You could also choose sole proprietorship, but your home and other assets would be at stake. Also, consider that local and state regulations may have an impact on the optimal structure for you.

7. Fill Out the Application

See the application in complete detail and fulfill all requirements. You will need to offer a detailed background about yourself including your social security number, credit profile, occupation, and proof that you have sufficient money for the initial investment.

Once you submit all these details to your parent company, your application is going to get examined by the parent company. When they reply, see their response in detail. If you have qualified then you will receive instructions for the next important steps including attending training, understanding company policies, and preparing for the opening.

8. Get the necessary funding

Before signing, ensure that you have a reliable source of business finance to support your new enterprise.

Typically, franchisors need the contract to be signed along with the initial franchise fee.

There are numerous options for financing your franchise, including commercial business loans and lines of credit. Rollover, however, is a typical franchising term for business beginnings (ROBS). ROBS permits franchisees to invest their retirement savings in their franchise without incurring fines or taxes for early withdrawal. Because they do not have anything that they are responsible for repaying, this is an excellent option for franchisees who are interested in becoming franchise owners.

Another option is franchisor finance, in which a franchisor loans franchisees money to launch their firm. If the franchisor is agreeable, this is a fantastic alternative because they are already familiar with the business model (which includes associated expenditures) and there is the opportunity to obtain cash quickly.

9. Pay Attention to Business Compliance Requirements

Most franchisees have criteria for compliance. The majority of state and local governments need firms to obtain a variety of licenses and permissions prior to conducting business in their jurisdictions. Typically, these consist of general company licenses, tax registrations, health permits, and occupational licenses.

Failure to maintain all required licenses and permits may result in fines or worse from the government. If you do not maintain compliance with license standards, your franchisor may also terminate your franchise.

If you incorporate your franchise, you must also comply with your state’s reporting standards for corporations. If you fail to file a report on time, the state can dissolve your corporation or limited liability company, exposing you to the risks you formed the entity to avoid.

Ensure that you fully comprehend your contractual obligations, rights, and freedoms. After signing the franchise agreement, you will be legally and contractually committed. These agreements can be hundreds of pages long and are frequently written in legal language by franchise attorneys.

10. Be Prepared to Begin

Just as it is with opening any other business, you must be ready to put in long hours of work to make sure that your franchise business becomes a success. If at any point you think you don’t have a passion for running a franchise, then we recommend that you think about it before continuing to think about how to become a franchise owner and run a successful business.

Starting a franchise business in USA is not merely about choosing a familiar brand name and buying its franchise to become rich. Rather, it is more about understanding the business model and the potential that a business holds.

Also, make sure that your passion and sincere interests align with the franchise choice because otherwise, you will never put in the work needed to succeed. Be serious and committed to your work. Take your time to converse with financiers and other franchise owners in your area. You can also explore what other franchise owners of your chosen business chain are doing to make their business a success.

11. Adaptability

As a franchise owner, you will have many different responsibilities as you run your business. Like a new startup, you might hire new employees, and next, you mop the floor. The key to your success in any business will be your ability to adapt to any situation.

It would be best if you learned to switch seamlessly from one mindset to another and run your franchise profitably and efficiently. Become a franchise owner is a quick way to start your entrepreneurial journey. 

Franchise owners have a high chance of success compared to new startups. This is so because you don’t have any support in your new start-up, whereas the franchisor supports you throughout your franchising process.

12. Willingness to learn

You need to be willing to learn from franchisors to develop and grow to become a franchisee. Consider the relationship between franchisors and franchisors of teachers and students. You must take full advantage of the training and support a franchisor has to offer.

In franchising, you will benefit from a comprehensive training package. When you become a franchise owner, you not only gain knowledge and training, but you also become a part of a community.

The decision to become a franchise owner is a tough one. You won’t know if buying a franchise is right for you until you start this business.


The decision to start a franchise business is one of the best ones you can take for a bright professional life. You will reap the benefits of brand name recognition, and you will also have the support of a franchisor to drive the business.

The best way to become a franchise owner is to do your research, talk to other franchisees, and make sure you are prepared for the investment. Franchising can be a great way to get started in business, but it’s not for everyone. Make sure you understand the risks and rewards before you take the plunge.

In case you complete all the above-mentioned steps, your franchise business agency will be in a very good position to attain immense success in the years that are to come.

We help you with all the details you need before become a franchise owner. Whether you’re looking to expand your thriving franchise business or buy into any new franchise opportunity, we’re here for you.

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