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Protecting the Brand: Insurance Essentials for Franchise Restaurant Owners

There are two common paths for those interested in the restaurant business. The first is to create a new restaurant from scratch and the second is to become a restaurant franchisee. In franchised restaurants, franchisees must maintain brand standards and Restaurants Program Insurance is necessary to protect the brand.

Through Superior Insurance Franchise, you can offer comprehensive insurance options to restaurant franchisees.

Review Franchisee Insurance Requirements with Superior Insurance Franchise

There are approximately 792,000 franchise businesses in the United States, contributing $827 billion to the economy.

For those interested in the restaurant industry, a franchise can be an excellent opportunity to open a turnkey business that can generate profits faster than an independently owned restaurant.

Owners benefit from the brand recognition and marketing support the company provides.

While franchisors may receive support that other restaurant owners do not, a franchise is still a significant investment with relatively low-profit margins.

Most of them cannot afford the high legal fees associated with lawsuits. Superior Insurance Franchise offers Restaurants Program Insurance designed to protect the franchisee.

In addition, franchisees usually have insurance requirements written into the franchise agreement. The franchisor must have a minimum amount of coverage and may also have to name the franchisor as an additional insured.

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The Most Important Insurance Basics for Restaurant Franchises

Franchisees must meet the needs of their franchisees, employees, and customers. When pulled in too many directions, insurance becomes a safety net.

Comprehensive Responsibility

General liability protects the owner and parent company from claims related to injuries on the premises. While franchise companies may have general liability policies, they do not always cover franchisees.

Liability for Alcoholic Beverages

If a restaurant serves alcoholic beverages, liquor liability protects the business if an intoxicated customer causes bodily injury or property damage after the restaurant serves them alcohol.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is essential coverage for all business owners. Helps cover lost wages and medical bills for injured employees.

Excessive Responsibility

Excess liability is a supplemental policy that exceeds the basic limits of liability coverage.

Business Interruption Coverage

Superior Insurance Franchise revenue or business interruption insurance covers events outside the owner’s control.

For example, natural disasters, government closures, and fires can force a company to temporarily close. Meanwhile, business income insurance covers expenses.

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The Costs of Not Having Coverage

Franchisors are legal entities independent of the franchisor.

In most cases, only in matters over which the franchisor has a high degree of control will he need to worry about liability.

Without adequate coverage, litigation can financially ruin a restaurant. In addition, many franchisors will require a personal guarantee from their franchisees.

This agreement requires the franchisor to back financial and contractual obligations with personal assets.

Best Practices for Restaurant Franchisors According to Superior Insurance Franchise

Franchisees must implement a comprehensive Restaurants Program Insurance strategy to protect their business.

The more integrated risk management becomes into daily operations, the less likely a company is to experience accidents and the more likely it is to foster a culture of safety and responsibility.

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The Superior Insurance Franchise offers a wide range of insurance solutions designed to address the unique challenges facing the restaurant industry.

By prioritizing the right coverage, franchisees can not only protect their investment but also build a thriving, resilient business that will stand the test of time.

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